Spring Everywhere 季節が動き始めました

It’s so called “Golden Week” in Japan, from late April to early May with several national holidays combined. The season is gorgeous. Young leaves are coming out. The weather is stable and comfortable. So, we had some families with tiny kids in this period.


They enjoyed real touch of frogs! and other creatures in the organic rice paddies in our back. Walking through the narrow paths separating rice paddies, they observed swallows dancing very low in the sky. Not so much cars run the road in front. The distance to the next house is over 100 meters. Calm and peaceful place, they stayed in.


The full moon came up from the Mt. Makihata (1,967m)

Thanks to those who stayed at tabinaw as monitor guests, we prepared the way to accept general guests. So, we may start the real operation of our facility, tabinaw, shortly.